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For under 6,000 US dollars, this machine is definitely a steal. The Cool Machines CM1500-1 Insulation Machine is definitely worth more than that in terms of power and performance. In fact it performs better than any other insulation machine in its class. This machine is workhorse in disguise and can be deceiving because of its small frame. It can lay fibers such as Rockwool, Fiberglass and Cellulose with almost no problem at all.

Cool Machines CM1500-1 Insulation Machine

The blower itself churns out a strong 4.5 p.s.i. power when blowing the fiber onto walls and ceilings. It is an airlock assembly type of blower. This is a lot stronger fro insulation machines that specialize in retro-fitting jobs. It also compares better to machines that are designed to perform sidewalls that require dense packing.

The machine is reliable workforce when it comes to small operations. However, it may only perform well in small operations but these are professional operations and not the do-it-yourself type of insulation projects. The main reason why professionals prefer the Cool Machines CM1500-1 Insulation Machine is that it has the portability and the flexibility that they need in a professional grade type of insulation machine.

Aside from this is that the machine needs to be operated only with low power generation but it delivers power compared to bigger machines. The scalping augers fitted in it are innovative and are made to shred the bales, which in turn are blown into consistent sizes onto the surface of the ceiling or walls. This type of shredding results into a wider coverage of the area to be insulated. And the good thing is that the augers are well kept inside the machine to keep the operator’s hands safe.

The Cool Machines CM1500-1 Insulation Machine blows Cellulose at a rate of 2,200 pounds per hour, Fiberglass at 900 pounds per hour and Rockwool 1400 pounds per hour.

Of all the machines that are available at Spray Insulation Industries, the Cool Machines CM1500-1 Insulation Machine is one of the more popular ones because it offers flexibility of use, where private users and professionals can enjoy the power of this machine.