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The CM 2400-4SI is one of Cool Machine’s basic models in its lineup. This insulation equipment is one blower that solves the problems of other devices that are too big and difficult to transport. The small jobs are what the CM2400 is all about. You can add to that that this device provides excellent production abilities while operating with a minimum amount of power.

Cool Machine’s CM 2400-4SI Insulation Blower

The modular design concept implemented in the machine makes it easy for operators to perform maintenance and repairs. But that will be few and far between because of the CM 2400 insulation blower’s rugged design.

Maintenance, repairs, and quick fixes are easy due to its transparent panel that comes in a modular design concept. The hopper is an enormous one for a basic insulation machine model. The size of the hopper can store 11 cubic feet of material and is equipped with a controlled slide-gate. A slow feeding system to the augers prolongs the life span of the integral parts of the Cool Machines’ CM2400 insulation blower. The slow feeding promotes safety and security for the operator, too. Additionally, the exterior has an anti-rust powder coat that makes the device resistant to corrosion.

This insulation machine delivers powerful insulation layering performances by blowing cellulose at a rate of 3600 pounds per hour. For fiberglass material, it produces 900 pounds per hour and for Rockwool, it churns out 1800 pounds per hour. It can handle all-fiber and wall spray.

The shredders, fashioned from top quality stainless steel, produces well-conditioned fiber. The surplus power of the device comes from a power-packed motor that provides 1250 in./pound torque. A 50-grade chain and tough sprockets that are sturdy and corrosion free come with the insulation machine.

The classification of this machine is entry-level. However, if you look at the specs and details that it produces, you know that this one small insulation blower that is suitable for any insulation job out there. The CM2400 is a little machine by its frame. But it has a truckload of power tricks up its sleeve.