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CM 350: Truck Mounted Insulation Machine

CM350: CM 350: Truck Mounted Insulation Machine Truck mounted, PTO driven Insulation Machine

If you are looking for MAXIMUM efficiency and output, look no further than our CM350 insulation machine. This rugged workhorse of our fleet boasts a 10 horsepower blowing system with a 24″ airlock to “get-in” and “get-out” of the most demanding insulation jobs. Even with the 250 gallon stainless steel water tank, this machine sports a slim profile to let you work freely without the “boxed-in” feeling. We first offered this machine in 2004. You can be assured, you are getting a time-tested machine that will make your work more effective!

Our insulation machine’s key features:

  • 23 bag (110 cu./ft.) high capacity hopper / less hopper refills
  • High impact, non-corrosive aluminum construction
  • Designed under legal CDL requirements to limit your company?s liability
  • Designed to fit any standard 96″x96″ box; no special doors
  • CM 350: Truck Mounted Insulation Machine Designed to accommodate any standard truck chassis, (6-bolt PTO); no heavier rated front axles
  • Powerful positive pressure vacuum / low maintenance
  • Two slim-line modules provide maximum isle & storage capacity in truck (no generators & enclosures to waste valuable payload space)
  • Jobsite set-up of all hoses and cords from rear of truck box
  • Reduced power and fuel consumption with 25 kw PTO generator
  • 24/7 Support & Service with proven proprietary technology and designs since 2004

CM 350: Truck Mounted Insulation Machine Features of our insulation spray machine:

  • Two slim-line modules provide ample isle space for easy loading of bags close to storage area
  • Industry?s largest dry hopper capacity (23 bags / 110 cu./ft.) for
    less refill trips to the truck
  • Dry hopper totally enclosed converts to large capacity recycle
  • 10 h.p. positive pressure blower system w/24? airlock for high
    production attic blowing
  • Large 30 cu./ft. neutral pressure recycle hopper eliminates spray
    surges from vacuum cycling on/off
  • Powerful 10 h.p. positive pressure vacuum system w/auto-fill shut-off. Fastest vacuum on the market with no costly fan & bearing repairs. Eliminates the safety hazard of high rpm vacuum fan impellers & metal shrapnel fatigue failure.
  • Fast, smooth spray delivery (from long barrel 24? airlock) increases production
  • ?Even-Flow? control feature assures constant feed rate until hopper is empty.
  • ?Smart Panel? LED lights provide self-diagnostic electrical solutions
  • Easy maintenance ? all areas accessed in seconds
  • All aluminum, high impact, non-corrosive, powder coated machine with stainless shaft & fastener components
  • Dimensions: 34?W x 168?L x 88?H Weight: 3,100 lbs.

CM 350: Truck Mounted Insulation Machine Our insulation spray unit water tank system features:

  • 250 gallon stainless steel, baffle-sectioned, insulated/heated, tank assembly for all-weather use
  • Includes twin aluminum hose reels mounted on tank system w/easy access for quick jobsite set-up
  • Heavy duty pressure hose (170 ft. x ??) with w/quick-connect fittings & swivel adapter hose reel (remove only hose needed)
  • Quick-connect valves for easy pump removal
  • Heavy duty pump & motor (w/run dry capabilities), deluxe self-cleaning 150 micron filter, and fluid level gauge
  • Duplex outlets for pump power and on/off control of internal wetting system(IWS)
  • Placement of tank system at the rear of truck eliminates the need for special heavier rated front axles, provides traction weight on rough terrain, while allowing easy access of hoses and pump from the ground.
  • Dimensions: 24?W x 116?L x 40?H (w/o hose reels) 88?H w/ hose reels. Weight: 900 lbs. (empty)

Look Inside our Insulation Machine!

CM 350: Truck Mounted Insulation Machine Dry Hopper Auger

  • Heavy duty scalping augers provide a non-bridging, positive feed to the ultrahigh speed shredder system
  • Slow variable speed, low profile augers, provide a safe method of metering fibers without progressive feed rate changes