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CM 300 Truck/Trailer Insulation Spray System

CM-300 Blown Insulation Wall Spray System with Recoverable Vac Pac designed for Truck or Trailer mounting

CM 300 Truck/Trailer Insulation Spray System

Insulation Contractors: expand your opportunities with the first affordable wall spray system that allows you to diversify and/or expand your business into a highly profitable venture. The CM-300 is the industry’s smallest most economical wall spray system incorporating “integrated recycle technology.” This system matches the production rates of the larger more costly truck systems.

Our CM-3000 or CM-3500 machines along with the VP-300 vac-pack are the basic components of this proprietary system. Bonus: With single phase power provided at the jobsite, this system can operate all day without costly fuel and generator maintenance.

Why blown insulation “Integrated recycle technology?”

When controlling the introduction of dry and recycle fiber in a separate, precise, metered hopper, the contractor’s production rate significantly increases while the moisture is controlled to a minimum.

Why blown insulation ‘Vac-pack’ technology?

The industry standard currently uses two clumsy methods for recovery and use of recycle fiber. High maintenance, gas powered centrifugal blade vacuums recover the recycle fiber back to the ‘dusty’ truck/trailer. A constant slow down of fiber flow and air surging problems are inherent with the blower cycling on/off into a pressurized recycle hopper. The second method involves networking a second machine inside house. Setting?up and hauling recycle with buckets back to a manually loaded machine inside of multiple level structures is both time consuming and a dangerous liability risk when handling heavy equipment.

Our solution offers a compact, fast spraying, economical, spray system. This proprietary Vac-Pack technology offers a low maintenance, positive pressure vacuum system with no slow down in production, and discharges into the neutral pressure hopper inside the trailer/truck with no resulting air surges, or dust. This exclusive air separator increases endurance of the system with air-bypass technology, which keeps the recycle fiber from contact with the blower. The high efficiency primary and secondary filter system needs serviced only once, at the end of day. This system offers a fast, smooth spraying application while minimizing set-up time and maximizing endurance of the system.

Blown Insulation Machine Options:

Four blower system (CM-3000): this option offers an economical choice that will meet most contractors needs. The service life of the blower is approximately 500 to 750 hrs. And can be replaced for a few hundred dollars each.

Positive displacement (P.D.) blower (CM-3500): offers a high endurance, positive pressure system that will last for years, extend the range of the blowing hose and achieve higher production rates with recycle, stabilized attic spray, and open blow applications. This system includes soft?start motor technology which reduces generator size and power requirements.

(Note: This same type of blower technology provides the vacuum source for the Vac-pack system.)

Our CM-300 offers a streamlined, efficient machine module that is both simple to use and easy to repair, providing both the start-up contractor and the high production installers the solution that makes sense. Combined with the total systems approach, the CM-300 can be transported in a truck or trailer to the job-site and set up to spray within minutes. This efficiently designed system with self-contained, heated, water tank system and 17.5kw gas generator, provide all necessities for a portable self-sustaining spray system; along with the added feature of jobsite power hookup to save fuel and maintenance costs.


(4 blower) w/ vac-pack 1450 lbs.
(P.D. blower) w/ vac-pack 1750 lbs.

Hopper Capacity
Dry hopper w/ extension: 4 bags
Recycle hopper: 1 bag

Production Rate
Open blow: 120 bags/hr
Wall Spray: 40 bags/hr (max)

Dimensions: 92″ long x 22″ wide x 78″ high

Power Requirements:
SI 40 amps 240 volt, single phase
Generator size: 15 kw (minimum)

System Component Details


  • CM-3000 (4-blower) Includes machine with ?integrated recycle? hopper and 150? remote cord.
  • CM-3500 (P.D. blower) Includes machine with soft start P.D. blower with ?integrated recycle hopper? and 150? remote cord.
  • (Optional) Hopper extension for dry hopper (additional 2 bag capacity).