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CM 3500: Attic Insulation Machine

CM 3500: Attic Insulation Machine with “Integrated Recycle Technology”

CM 3500: Attic Insulation Machine

Blow attics and spray walls in one system.  The industries highest production attic machine blower and wall spray unit in one!

– 5200 lbs and hour cellulose 20″ airlock
– 6000 lbs an hour cellulose 24″ airlock
– 1500+ lbs an hour fiberglass  20″ airlock

Get the most of production and versatility, with our CM 3500 all-fiber (airlock) insulation machine, featuring an oversized 12″ diameter by 20″ long airlock and positive displacement blower.This machine is the highest production, most versatile portable electric machine available with production rates of 180 bags an hour cellulose with 20″ airlock, 220 bags an hour cellulose with the 24″ airlock upgrade,and 1500+ pounds an hour fiberglass. High capacity output, combined with the dual-hopper independent control system, offers the Industry’s fastest attic blowing machine on the market, while providing the ultimate control of recycle and dry fiber for wall spray applications producing 1300+ square feet and hour of 2×4 wall spray.

Standard Features and Benefits of our CM 3500 Insulation Machine

Weight and Dimensions

  • 1, 150 lbs
  • 72″ L x 22″ W x 51″ H

Airlock Options

  • 20″ long x 12″ diameter 4″ output for blowing hose
    24″ long x 12″ diameter 4″ output for blowing hose

Power Requirements

  • Single input, 40 amps. 240 volt. single phase. or 40/20 amp. 240/480 volt three phase

Blower Options

  • 5 hp. Positive displacement Blower. (250 CFM @ 5psi) Optional: 7.5 h.p. P.D. blower

Generator Size

  • 15,000 watt (consult factory for generator sizing on 7.5 h.p. blower)

Hopper Capacity

  • 23 cu./ft. 4 bags
  • 46 cu./ft. with hopper extension (shown in pictures) 8 bags


  • Large 23 cu./ft. hopper.
  • Dual, stainless slide-gate control provides separate control of recycle and dry fiber.
  • Modular design with access panels for quick troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • Slow speed positive feed auger extends component life, while increasing safety.
  • Large 20″ X 12? quick release airlock is a durable, easily serviced component.
  • High speed stainless shredder maximizes fiber conditioning and production.
  • High torque (2650 in./lb.) motor/reducer drive provides surplus power
  • #50 chain and hardened sprockets, are rugged, corrosion resistant, and positive driving.
  • 5Hp Positive Displacement blower w/check valve protection, outside air and reduced filter maintenance.
  • 150 ft. remote cord w/cord hanger, offers convenient handling of remote device.


  • Safety Features: main disconnect, kill switch, pre-alarm buzzer, and manual override, promoting increased operator safety and quick hazard response.
  • Manual thermal overload protection of all motors and electrical components.
  • Deluxe voltmeter w/LED lights “Smart Panel” for quick electrical diagnostics.
  • Auxiliary outlets that provides power for easy addition of accessories.

CM 3500: Attic Insulation Machine