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Cool Machines Attic & Wall Spray Machines

CM 700 insulation blower
Cool Machines Blowers
  • 850 lb/hour cellulose
  • 400 lb/hour fiberglass

Cool Machines Blowers

CM 1500 insulation blower
Cool Machines Blowers
  • 2,250 lb/hour cellulose
  • 750 lb/hour fiberglass

Cool Machines Blowers


CM 2400 insulation blower
Cool Machines Blowers
  • 3600 lb/hour cellulose
  • 900 lb/hour fiberglass

Cool Machines Blowers

CM 3500 insulation blowerCool Machines Blowers
  • 5200 lb/hour cellulose
  • 1500 lb/hour fiberglass

Cool Machines Blowers

CM 400 insulation blower
Cool Machines Blowers
  • 5400 lb/hour cellulose
  • 2000 lb/hour fiberglass


CM 300 insulation blowerCool Machines BlowersCool Machines Blowers

Cool Machines Recent Updates & New Machines


  • The CM-300 has been reclassified to a CM-3500
  • Hose kits for pumps have been changed to include the pressure hose

New machines:

  • CM-1500 recycle, CM-4500

New machine options:

  • recycle vacuum hood options for the CM-2400, #3500, & #4500 (wall spray)
  • Vac-Pack options for the CM-3500 & CM-4500

New vacuums & accessories:

  • 6.5 h.p. Gas-Vac, 23 h.p. Gas-Vac, large vacuum saver, Hardox 400 blades & chambers

New pumps & accessories:

  • Comet MC-20 & MP-20, economy 300 p.s.i. pressure hose

New cordless wall scrubbers & accessories:

  • 30″cordless, 20″ closet cordless, standard & extended life battery options

New generators

  • 8 kw Briggs, 10kw Winco, 12kw Winco, 18kw Winco, 11kw Kubota & 65kw diesel gen-sets.

CM-G Series Industrial Fiber Metering

Click here to read more about the 3500 CM-G Series.

The Cool Vac 16: Insulation Removal Vacuum

Cool Machines BlowersIndustry standards have changed!! With the present trend for attic retro-fit applications moving towards ‘air sealing’ with foam and re-insulation… performing a total insulation removal may be the only way to identify, access, and foam seal the openings in the attic and eave areas. Many times old insulation (due to moisture, odors, pest control), needs to be removed and replaced.

All professional insulation contractors need to have a solution… Insulation Removal. Our versatile, portable, gas powered vacuum provides a high production insulation removal solution for the professional contractor. Insulation is quickly and efficiently removed from attics, sidewalls, and crawl spaces with ease.

This unit is designed to handle fire, water, and smoke damaged insulation with dependability and speed as well as wall cavity recycle. Fiber intended for recycling can be conveyed directly to your spray machine for reuse.
Waste material can be discharged directly into 75 cu. ft. disposable bags (purchased separately), or directly into a truck or dumpster.

The industry ‘first’ of having a low cost replaceable ‘liner’ or wear strip inside the fan chamber allows a lower cost solution to the extreme wear caused by highly abrasive fibers and foreign debris passing thru the chamber.
A specially designed ‘turbo-sonic – FC’ blade creates fan tip turbulence eliminating any wet fiber accumulation or build-up on the fan blade and chamber area.

High abrasion resistant fan blades are robotically welded with ‘solid’ welds to reduce the chance of a catastrophic failure due to operational stress.

Precision dynamic computerized balancing provides a smooth running blade with minimal wear to engine bearings.

16 h.p. Briggs and Stratton ‘Vanguard’ commercial duty engine (highly regarded as one of the most durable engines in its class), provides ample power to exceed production rates of any system in its class.

Insulation Removal Vacuum Hook-up:

6″ input and output tubes for hose hook-up. Weight: 240 lbs.

Various combinations of hose lengths up to 150 ft. can be used effectively. Larger diameter hoses with shortest hose length allow for maximum production rates. Recommended: 25 ft. x 6″ dia. hose for exhaust, 125 ft. x 6″ dia. hose reduced to 25 ft. x 4″ diameter hose for maximum vacuum pick-up in the attic. (Hose priced separately). Consult factory for options.

Cool Machines Blowers

Insulation Machine Receiving Instructions

Important please read.

Please be available to receive your insulation machine equipment from the freight company. Before you release the driver, look at the packaging to see if there are any breaks in the shrink wrap or dents in the cardboard of your insulation blowing equipment. This could mean there is hidden damage. If you find any, then make a note on the driver’s paperwork for example “tear in shrink wrap, possible damage” or “dented cardboard, possible damage”. If you don’t do this, the freight company will NOT take responsibility for the possible machine damage since the truck drivers form says you received in “good condition.” Further Cool Machines or Insulation Industries will not be able to get any compensation for you from the freight company. Drivers are always in a hurry, so they don’t want to wait very long, but they must wait for you to at least do the above insulation equipment inspection.

After you release the driver and you unwrap and find any hidden damage. Try to take a picture and then contact us immediately, so that we can find out how extensive this damage is. This will help us in the claim process with the trucking company. We usually don’t have shipping and damage problems with insulation blowing machines and equipment, but sometimes in the shipping industry, dents, scrapes, scratches and other damage can and does occur.

Once the order leaves the warehouse we don’t have any control on the rest of the shipping process. We will make every effort that we can, to always choose reliable carriers. If you do receive damaged equipment, we will do everything we can to help resolve the problem for you.

Thank you for your cooperation – Insulation Industries / Cool Machines