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CM1500 vs

Insulation Machine Comparison Chart

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Choosing an insulation blowing machine is an important decision that requires some sort of way to compare them that a person can understand. What we have done is developed a simple chart comparing some of the common insulation machines on the market. We decided upon a totally objective system. We take the pounds per hour of fiberglass and cellulose and divide that into the cost of the machine. All machines featured are industry leaders in fiber output and quality built machines. Since a contractor gets paid by output, we thought this chart would be useful to contractors in calculating the actual cost of available lightweight/portable machines.

Manufacturer Cellulose lbs/hour Fiberglass lbs/hour Weight Cu ft Price (usd) Cost/lb hour
CM1500 vsCool Machines CM1500 2200 800 315 14 $5,220 $2.03
CM1500 vs Intec Force 2 1800 428 283 8.2 $7,000 $3.47
CM1500 vs Intec Wasp 1800 510 280 11 $6,600 $3.66
CM1500 vs Accu 1 9400 1800 700 390 14 $5,895 $3.27
CM1500 vs Krendl 500 1700 700 505 8 $8,100 $4.76

Our equipment is a ‘compact’ low power requirement design utilizing a proprietary ‘scalping’ auger design to achieve the performance of the bigger machines. This efficient design allows us to use smaller drive motors (less power, less cost, lower replacement cost), without compromising production rates and coverage.

Krendl 475
Insulation Machine
Our Cool Machines
1500 Machine
CM1500 vs CM1500 vs
Airlock Size: 10″ x 12″ 10″ x 14″
Airlock Pressure: 3.5 psi 4.0 psi
Cellulose /hr: 2000 lbs 2200 lbs
Fiberglass /hr: 700 lbs 800 lbs
Hopper Size: 11.5 cu ft 14 cu ft
Weight: 310 lb 310 lb
Warranty: 1 yr 3 yr
K 475 Insulation Machine CM 1500 Insulation Machine
High pressure airlock? No Yes
Double blower options
for extended range?
No Yes
Separate motor and
gearbox design?
No Yes
Re-greasable,heavy duty
cast iron bearings?
No Yes
L.E.D. plugs and
for quick
electrical diagnostics?
No Yes
Quick release hopper
for maintenance?
No Yes
Speed Shredders ? No Yes
Built-in pressure gauge
for calibrating blower
No Yes
Professional Contractor
Features Checklist Q/A
No Yes
High quality industrial
grade powder coating?
No Yes
Check valve protection
of blowers?
No Yes
Sel Locking Loading Tray No Yes
Quick release agitator
for easy airlock access?
No Yes
Scalping Auger Technology ? No Yes

All CM-1500 and larger insulation machines will have the following upgrades:

  • Built-in, liquid filled pressure gauge to calibrate machine pressure as airlock seals wear or become damaged. Many dense-packing applications require a minimum 3.2 p.s.i. to achieve the required densities in the wall.
  • L.E.D. indicator lights on input and output cords, for quick electrical power diagnostics of main control panel and individual motors
  • Panel mounted manual thermal overload protection for all electrical components. This allows quick, safe, diagnostics and re-setting of breakers without opening panel box and allowing fiber contamination into the electrical components.

Additionally, we have redesigned the CM-1500 (tall) hopper to eliminate nuisance ‘bridging’. The CM-2400 and CM-3000/3500 models have increased hopper length (6″ inches) to provide a greater holding capacity for fiber.