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The smartest solution for small contractors, rental units, and Do It Yourselfers (DIY) is hands down the CM-700! The CM-700 is a lightweight, compact, rugged and durable workhorse. We offer the CM 700 with custom packages to meet the needs of different applications. Backed by the same industry leading warranty (combined 3 years!) and our satisfaction buy back program offered on our larger machines the CM-700 definitely makes a statement for its class.

CM-700 Insulation Machine Features:
Detachable hopper w/ fold down base handles for easy handling and transport.
Scalping Auger Technology provides positive feed to airlock.
‘Plug & Play’ remote control module for easy repair and upgrade.
‘Quick-Release’ auger assembly permits fast replacement of airlock seals.
6.5 cu. /ft. hopper capacity.

Production Rates:
850 pounds an hour cellulose
200 pounds an hour fiberglass

CM-700 (Standard) This CM-700 comes standard with on/ off switch at the base of machine only and is matched with an 8 amp. 2–stage blower, This unit weighs only 165 lbs. Single input 15 amp. power supply required. (*All CM-700 models come with wheels included.)

CM-700 (Deluxe) This CM-700 comes complete with control panel (3-position, 100 ft. remote cord with one 12.5 amp 3-stage blower) and weighs only 175 lbs. Single input 15 amp. power supply required. The deluxe CM-700 package produces 4 p.s.i. airlock pressure which makes this unit a great light weight yet powerful machine perfect for dense-packing walls, sound walls, drill and fill floors as well as open blow attics. (*All CM-700 models come with wheels included.)

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