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The CM700 standard insulation blower is big power in a small machine. The modular-designed hopper has down-foldable handles that can also serve as its base and promotes ease of handling and transfer. The technology inputted in the scalping augers assures the operator that feeding of material to the airlock is smooth and without hitches. It comes with an easy to use remote control which adds to its convenience. And airlocks can be replaced quickly because of the augers quick-release design idea.

CM700 Insulation Machine

The size of the hopper easily holds 6.5 cubic feet of material ready to be shredded, conditioned and installed. The machine churns out a decent 790 pounds of cellulose per hour, delivers 300 pounds of fiberglass per hour, or 500 lbs/hr of Rockwool.

Guess what? This insulation equipment comes in at only 185 pounds. That means transporting this insulation blower to any job is a breeze. All in all, the CM700 insulation blower by Cool Machines is a powerhouse of a device for its size. There are many reasons why customers seek this insulation machine. It could be its light weight or its design concept, but no matter what it is, this insulation blower delivers.