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One of the best compact-sized insulation machines is the CM1500HP. It is a very handy piece of equipment that can easily be transported due to its portability. This machine produces high-quality results but works on a low electricity output which makes it an attractive buy for fledgling insulation contractors. The Cool Machines 1500HP can easily handle blowing different types of insulation fibers like wool, cellulose, and fiberglass into any spot.

CM1500HP Insulation Blower Machine

Portable Insulation Blower

The more-than-adequate sized handles offer you enough grip space to easily transport. The Cool Machines 1500HP comes with either a single blower at 330 lbs or a double blower weighing in at 350 lbs. Its dimension measure a mere 38x24x57 inches (LxWxH) with a motor that supplies ½ horsepower. It is also easy to maintain and repair because of its functional design. Couple that with a sleek design that makes doing repairs easier than most any other insulation blowing machine, used or new. Easy maintenance means more jobs can be accomplished. More jobs mean more profit in your wallet.

Dependable Insulation Equipment

With this insulation machine’s ability to store up to 13 cubic feet of insulation, you know that you can get the job done right the first time. The built in storage tank extends to a sliding door for better control and release. This also makes for better gauging of the amount of fiber left in the storage.

Utmost protection is given with the Cool Machines 1500HP airlock seal with the extrusion of the main airlock which then can produce a powerful pressure of about 4.5 psi. The Cool Machines 1500HP ‘s fast action hopper allows instant access to the airlock.

For easy replacement of parts, the auger can be released quickly. It is made with grade 40 nickel which is as rust proof as you’ll get. Additional rust prevention measures include powder coating to help your insulation blower last a lifetime.

The Cool Machines 1500HP high-powered, 8.4 inch wide magnum blower opening is boosted by 140 CFM and 13.7 amps, which turns out more than twice the original power. Your insulation blower includes a high torque separate gearbox and thermal overload protection drive motor.

Your 150 foot cord allows for powering up anywhere. The Cool Machines 1500HP’s has an override switch that allows for flexible emergency protection. Additional protection and ease of readability include an LED switch display, voltage meter, internal wetting system, and auxiliary plugs.