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Insulation Industries Warehouse remains the leader in insulation machine sales. The Cool Machines CM 700 is a customer favorite; a smart investment. With the combination of being durable and productive, Cool Machine’s CM 700 is an insulation blower that works well for contractors, rental units and do-it-yourself’ers.

The CM 700 insulation machine has a detachable hopper feature with fold down base handles for convenient handling and transport. With a 6.5 cu./ft hopper capacity, this insulation blower has a production rate of 850 pounds an hour cellulose and 200 pounds an hour fiberglass. It has a plug-and-play remote control module and its quick release auger assembly permits fast replacement of airlock seals.

CM 700 comes in two models, standard and the CM 700 deluxe.

Weighing only 165lbs, the standard CM 700 insulation machine has 8 amp, 2-stage blowers, and only requires a single input 15 amp power supply. A great combination that is handy for all experiences of users.

The deluxe CM 700 insulation blower is equipped with a full control panel with three positions, a 100-foot remote cord, and 12.5 amp 3-stage blowers. It only weighs 175 lbs, making its flexibility compliment its productivity.

Whether you choose CM 700 deluxe or standard, both are lightweight, compact, rugged and durable working machines. And guess what? Both CM 700  insulation blowers, standard and deluxe, comes with wheels.

Whether you are a full-time contractor, a rental user or a do-it-yourself’er, Cool Machine blowers like the CM 700 will treat you right.  Click here to view all Cool Machines insulation equipment options.