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Size:  112″ L. x 36″ w. x 90″ h.

Weight:  3,300 lbs.

Recycle hopper capacity:  26 cu./ft. (or 3-4 bags recycle)

Dry Hopper capacity:  82 cu./ft. (16 – 30 #lb. bags cellulose ‘stacked’ or 14 bags ‘random’ loaded).


  • High capacity recycle and dry hopper. Non-bridging ‘scalping’ augers offer a one-man side-wall dense packing operation.
  • High production rates: (24″ airlock) fiberglass and cellulose: 5,400 lbs./hr. [180 bags/hr. cellulose] or 2,000 lbs. /hr. [60 bags./hr. fiberglass].
  • “Simple-Stupid” design for easy troubleshooting and service.

Two Versions

  1. Economical ‘Twin’ 5 h.p. P.D. (positive displacement blowers):  50 amp. 240 volt single phase power. Job-site power or 18 kw portable generator). Inquire for quality generator recommendations under $5,000).
    Excellent performance, spray and vacuum range up to 200 ft. Includes all of the features and benefits of the large hopper capacities with adequate blowing and vacuuming air for lower ‘price’ and lower ‘power’ requirements.
  2. High powered ‘Twin’ 10 h.p. P.D. (positive displacement blowers):  40 amp. 480 volt 3-phase power. PTO under frame truck generator or in-truck box Gen-set.
    Superior spray and vacuuming range up to 300 ft. Extra vacuuming power allows faster recycle hopper filling with longer duration supply for alternating to wall scrubbing. (Offers 2-man crew capabilities on smaller spray projects.)

CM 400 Blower