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The attic in your home usually gets little attention. You can have a spotless living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom, but the state of your attic tells a different story. It would be fortunate if you get to visit and clean the attic at least once a year, or it might even go unattended for several years. So when the time comes that you finally decide to clean the attic, wear the right protective gear, including respiratory equipment.

Cleaning or Insulating Your Attic? Be Safe

A Dirty Attic Affects the Insulation of Your Home

The attic is a good area to store old stuff that you can’t let go of yet, but it can be home to pests and rodents too. Unfortunately, rodents can build up unimaginable amounts of feces and droppings if you have left your attic untouched for several months or even years. These contaminants can be inhaled when kicked up while cleaning your attic. This is the perfect example of why proper cleaning and respiratory equipment is important to consider while cleaning your attic.

Things to Prepare Before Cleaning Your Attic

When preparing to clean your attic, ensure that you wear long sleeved clothing, gloves, a dust mask, and a pair of goggles to protect your eyes. After cleaning, make sure to promptly wash your clothes and shower yourself.

If you do find rodent droppings in your home, it would be wise to hire a professional cleaner. While a dust mask and goggles are better than nothing, they may not be adequate protection from inhaling toxins. Professional cleaners have the right cleaning tools and equipment, like respiratory gear and heavy duty vacuums, that can thoroughly clean your attic and make the air in your home breathable and healthy.