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Krendl GV180 Vacuum

Krendl’s GV180 gas vacuum has 6″ inlet and outlets to compliment an 18hp Briggs & Stratton V-Twin motor and 18″ steel fan.  All together this brings you the ability to move 7,000 pounds of cellulose insulation per hour.

gv180 Krendl insulation removal vacuum

Krendl GV230 Vacuum

The GV230 belt-drive gas vacuum packs a punch with the 23 HP Briggs & Stratton motor. Don’t forget the input and output safety switches, 11 inch run-flat tires and long-lasting powder coating.  The large steel fan is 18″ in diameter. The Krendl GV230 vacuum can process 9,000 pounds of insulation an hour.

Krendl gv230 insulation vacuum

Krendl Vacuum Recycler Upgrade

The Krendl vacuum recycler upgrade is intended for fiber insulation.

Passages stay clear thanks to rubber wipers.

Easy hopper removal thanks to hinge latches.

Clean up is easy with removable screens.

Minimize dust with filter bags.

Dual agitators condition fibers.

6″ inlet and outlet for easy hose connections.

25 foot remote cord and 50 foot of 110 volt power cord.

Safety switches, pre-alarm, disconnect shutdown, and emergency kill switch.

At 654 pounds (550/VH550) and 240 pounds (GV180) the Krendl vacuum recycler upgrade measures 38″W x 25 1/2″D x 77″H (550/VH550) and 27″W x 36″D x 45″H (GV180) and has a 10 cubic foot hopper capacity (550/VH550) with 11amps vertical agitator and 15 amps airlock motor (10″ x 12″ diameter airlock).  Outlet and inlet measure 3 inches.

Krendl insulation recycler

Krendl 550VH Vacuum

The Krendl 550 recycle machine compliments the Krendl 550 insulation machine.

The removable screen provides for easy cleanup.  Rubber wipers keep passages clear.  Filter bags minimize dust.Dual vertical agitator help condition fibers and prevent bridging of material.Electrical features include a pre-alarm buzzer, on/off/remote 3 position toggle switch, 25 foot remote cord, and 50 feet of 110 volt power cord.550 Krendl insulation recycler machine

Krendl 550 Recycler Vacuum

8 cubic foot hopper capacity
Dual agitators
9 inch pneumatic wheels
Pre-alarm buzzer
Main disconnect/power interruption shutdown
Emergency kill switch
3 position toggle switch
150 foot hardwired remote control cord
50ft, 110V power cord

insulation recycler Krendl