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CM 400 Blower


Size:  112″ L. x 36″ w. x 90″ h.

Weight:  3,300 lbs.

Recycle hopper capacity:  26 cu./ft. (or 3-4 bags recycle)

Dry Hopper capacity:  82 cu./ft. (16 – 30 #lb. bags cellulose ‘stacked’ or 14 bags ‘random’ loaded).


  • High capacity recycle and dry hopper. Non-bridging ‘scalping’ augers offer a one-man side-wall dense packing operation.
  • High production rates: (24″ airlock) fiberglass and cellulose: 5,400 lbs./hr. [180 bags/hr. cellulose] or 2,000 lbs. /hr. [60 bags./hr. fiberglass].
  • “Simple-Stupid” design for easy troubleshooting and service.

Two Versions

  1. Economical ‘Twin’ 5 h.p. P.D. (positive displacement blowers):  50 amp. 240 volt single phase power. Job-site power or 18 kw portable generator). Inquire for quality generator recommendations under $5,000).
    Excellent performance, spray and vacuum range up to 200 ft. Includes all of the features and benefits of the large hopper capacities with adequate blowing and vacuuming air for lower ‘price’ and lower ‘power’ requirements.
  2. High powered ‘Twin’ 10 h.p. P.D. (positive displacement blowers):  40 amp. 480 volt 3-phase power. PTO under frame truck generator or in-truck box Gen-set.
    Superior spray and vacuuming range up to 300 ft. Extra vacuuming power allows faster recycle hopper filling with longer duration supply for alternating to wall scrubbing. (Offers 2-man crew capabilities on smaller spray projects.)

CM 400 Blower

Fiber Metering: Industrial CM-G Series

The CM-G series is a gravimetric (loss-in-weight) fiber metering machine designed to provide an economical solution to the industrial fiber market and related industrial blending processes. The unit can automatically introduce fiber batches precisely into the mixing process. The combination of the high speed turbo-shredder and the pneumatic air injection provide a total dispersing and uniform blending of fibers into the batch process. The accumulated memory (historical data) with print-out feature provide quality control records, while saving labor costs from manual loading. Various size units are available depending on the batch size and frequency of loading the storage hopper.

Electrical Features

  • Manual thermal overload protection of all motor and electrical components.
  • Deluxe voltmeter w/ LED light ‘smart panel’ for quick electrical diagnostics.
  • 150 ft. Remote control ‘touch screen’ panel control for hook-up and monitoring machine from control room.
  • Remote start/stop hook-up with 2-speed ‘bump’ rate control provides precise batch amount.
  • Remote modem access provides off-location monitoring, adjustments, and troubleshooting.
  • Optional; accurate feed-rate control for continuous mixing processes is available upon request.

Mechanical Features

  • Large volume hopper storage with convenient fold-out loading trays for efficient fiber loading.
  • Quick-release airlock system to provide easy access for inspecting and replacing airlock seals.
  • Stainless slide-gate feed control and variable speed blower provides precise adjustment of fibers and air mixture.
  • High quality powder coating provides a long lasting, scratch and corrosion resistant finish.
  • Modular design with access panels for quick troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • Multiple ‘scalping augers’ with high speed stainless turbo-shredders maximizes fiber conditioning.
  • #50 nickel  plated chain and  hardened  sprockets are rugged and corrosion  resistant.
  • High torque motor and direct drive gearbox provides surplus power and heavy duty drive components.
  • Skid frame w/ lift bolt load-cell brackets allow easy handling with forklift.

3500-G Specifications

Hopper Volume
55cu./ft. (500 lbs.) 10 bags

Power Requirements
240 volt single pass (20 amps)
460 volt three phase (10 amps)

(1) 5 h.p. w/ 3 series Positive Displacement Blower
(1) 10 h.p. w/ 4 series Positive Displacement Blower

Overall Dimensions
102″ L x 38″ W x 90″ H

CM700 Insulation Machine

The smartest solution for small contractors, rental units, and Do It Yourselfers (DIY) is hands down the CM-700! The CM-700 is a lightweight, compact, rugged and durable workhorse. We offer the CM 700 with custom packages to meet the needs of different applications. Backed by the same industry leading warranty (combined 3 years!) and our satisfaction buy back program offered on our larger machines the CM-700 definitely makes a statement for its class.

CM-700 Insulation Machine Features:
Detachable hopper w/ fold down base handles for easy handling and transport.
Scalping Auger Technology provides positive feed to airlock.
‘Plug & Play’ remote control module for easy repair and upgrade.
‘Quick-Release’ auger assembly permits fast replacement of airlock seals.
6.5 cu. /ft. hopper capacity.

Production Rates:
850 pounds an hour cellulose
200 pounds an hour fiberglass

CM-700 (Standard) This CM-700 comes standard with on/ off switch at the base of machine only and is matched with an 8 amp. 2–stage blower, This unit weighs only 165 lbs. Single input 15 amp. power supply required. (*All CM-700 models come with wheels included.)

CM-700 (Deluxe) This CM-700 comes complete with control panel (3-position, 100 ft. remote cord with one 12.5 amp 3-stage blower) and weighs only 175 lbs. Single input 15 amp. power supply required. The deluxe CM-700 package produces 4 p.s.i. airlock pressure which makes this unit a great light weight yet powerful machine perfect for dense-packing walls, sound walls, drill and fill floors as well as open blow attics. (*All CM-700 models come with wheels included.)

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CM 3500 Ram Air

CM 3500 Ram Air

CM 3500 Ram Air 250 Bags an hour! Introducing the Cm3500r! The Cm3500 RAM AIR is the highest production attic machine on the planet. The Cm3500r effortlessly exceeds 218 bags an hour of cellulose using 30 pound contractor bags. If your using a cellulose product that is packaged @ the mainstream 26 pound on average rate from your manufacturer this machine will DEVOUR 250 + bags an hour. Order yours today!