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Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. It is a day of showing appreciation and gratitude for the people and things that enhance our lives. Thanksgiving Day is a celebration of relationships and a time to reconnect with friends and family members, perhaps after a long period of not seeing one another. And, of course, Thanksgiving is also about food and sharing a traditional meal together.

Bask in the Warmth of Family and Home This Thanksgiving

Getting the House Ready

Because the Thanksgiving celebration often includes a large number of people, hosting a Thanksgiving dinner requires a lot of preparation to make sure the house is ready to welcome guests. It’s important to ready the kitchen to handle mass amounts of cooking. Make sure that you have adequate fridge and oven space and appropriate cookware. You should also free up space in dining areas to accommodate a number of eaters and secure adequate seating for your guests.

If you are expecting young guests this year, makes sure to childproof your home. Place caps or protective covers over electrical outlets to keep tiny fingers out. Electrical cords should be out of reach of children. Windows, stairs and doors need childproofing, too.

The weather during Thanksgiving Day is typically on the cold side in most areas of the country. Ensure that your home stays at a comfortable level of temperature with a balanced heating system and adequate airflow. Vents that are not used should be closed.

Doors and windows need to be checked for gaps to prevent air leaks. Air leaks should be sealed. Unfortunately, most windows were not made to be maintenance-free; they need to be cleaned and caulked periodically. Doors should not have gaps that cause air leaks. Automatic door closers come in handy when you have a lot of guests who will be coming and going during the course of the holiday. If you don’t have an automatic closer, designate someone to keep an eye on the door to make sure that it stays closed, ensuring a cozier space for guests and a lower power bill for you.