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Every year for Arbor Day we celebrate all-things-wonderful about trees. The trees in your yard can improve your property, give shade and offer plentiful ecological advantages. Trees are amazing, no doubt.

Arbor Day: Appreciating Trees & Recognizing Their Hazards For Homeowners

At Insulation Industries Warehouse we like to give fresh perspectives on anything insulation or home related. For Arbor Day we thought we’d take a look at things tree-related to keep in mind to keep them on the good list. What do we mean?

In addition to trees being awesome, they can also present a security risk to your family and your home in the event that they are not examined and maintained. Trees can show an especially critical threat during a storm. Lightning, wind, snow and ice can all change a peaceful row of trees into an unavoidable danger to your property. Proper tree maintenance includes more than pruning and trimming congested branches.

Steps to take before disaster strikes:

  • Trim dead branches
  • Remove any dead trees on your property.
  • Support strong tree root growth to keep trees upright by keeping trees watered and fertilized.
  • Keep from planting trees too close to your home. While you do want strong roots, you do not want tree roots growing through your home’s foundation or sewer piping in the ground.
  • Watch for mushrooms developing from bark. This can indicate rot (weakening tree).

Pretty interesting, eh? Properly maintaining your trees and landscaping can keep your yard and home happy and healthy. This Arbor Day, give some attention to your trees to keep them on your good side.